The Analysis of Relationship between Societal Security and Iranian Identity


The present article focusing on the role of societal security studies its impact on Iranian identity while it also studies the concept of societal security to investigates the extend if family’s enjoying he societal security and the manner they deal with identity groups.

 Thought security, occupational security and ethical security are regarded as the aspects of societal security and the manner the families deal with various identity groups based on the difference of dimensions of societal security.

This article has two parts; documentary and survey parts.

 The two research questions are answered based on the documentary section.

And the third question is based on the relationship between societal security and identity based on surveying which based on 420 families residing in north and south of Tehran have been interviewed.

“F” test has been used to order to analyze the data.

Findings show that enjoying societal security has meaningful relationship with accepting various identities and admitting interaction and dealing with them.

Also the level of enjoying intellectual, professional and ethical security in turn show a great impact on societal security as an index combined from various level of security in society.

Key Terms: Societal Security, Ethical Security, Thought Security, Occupational Security, Individual Identity, Collective Identity.

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