Suicide Attacks: A Crisis in Human Nature

Not a long time has passed since the world was amazed by the astounding speed of scientific progress and the high pace of technology development before it was overcome by bitter and difficult bewilderment resulting from blasts and destruction.

What has caused the world to find itself in the vortex of such a maelstrom of wrath and grudge?

 Humanity has been also taken aback by massacres and devastation more horrendous than bloodshed caused by military forces in the battlefields.

How fear and horror could dominate the zeal and enthusiasm of human life?

Why commands are issued for the annihilation of people in streets and avenues?

 For which of their acts people are paying such a bloody atonement? And there are also many other questions in this regard.

A cursory glance at the environment around us would reveal the negligence and forgetfulness, which is a result of the grandeur of the city and urban life.

 Skyscrapers, mindboggling highways, attractive restaurants, multidimensional movie theaters, and thousands of other big and exciting achievements have overshadowed humanity in such a way that the necessity for attachments and dependence among human beings has been lost in the midst of these dazzling features.

For a long time now, humans have been justifying their loneliness using their work and occupations as excuse, and avoid loving and sympathizing with each other.

For many long years, various forms of insurance and social security services have provided refuge for humans and there are many people who seek companionship, rapport and accompaniment through directives and organizational orders.

 Nursing and caring for others is considered a job, while children rebuke their parents for having given birth to them and complain about it. Even learning science and arts is being made conditional on such propositions as “for what?” and “for what purpose?”

In short, just look at any corner, and any kind and field of activity, and any form of happiness and preoccupation to find them devoid of the spirit of “humanity.”

Nowhere can you find any trace of kindness and compassion.

There is no friendship for the sake of friendship; and there is no favor without a payoff.

Love and compassion are just a dream.

The evidence to this claim is actions of those young people, who seek honor and rewards in the Afterlife through their suicidal acts and for shedding other people’s blood.

Unlimited aggression and unbelievable violence by today’s young generation cannot be simply considered as a consequence of hardships, poverty, failures and disillusionments.

This is true because in terms of age, these suicidal youths are not so old to be affected by intensity and depth of such maladies, which could possibly prompt them to create such a raging hell in the world.

 If the past generation of fathers and mothers was given to taking aggressive measures, it could be considered an untoward consequence of their poverty and failures, because the harm done to human soul is possible in a matter of forty and fifty years.

However, when it comes to young people, due to their young age, they are not so wrapped in harms whose suffering and pain could lead to such bitter outpouring of anger.

The reason behind their blood-laden cries and bloody rebellion should be sought in a human infrastructure, which lacks any experience in kindness, well-wishing and egalitarianism.

They are grappling with a deprivation bigger and a shortcoming deeper than poverty.

It is a more serious destitution and weakness, which has thrown them into the vortex of rage and fury. 

Because of their control and domination of the nature, humans have become so immersed in their sense of pride and honor that they ignore the basis and foundation of life, which is the “nature” itself, and this has caused the world to face an environmental crisis.

It should be, however, noted that taking pride in scientific and technological achievements has led to a greater negligence, which is forgetting the “human nature.”

 The essence of humanity is made of kindness and affection.

The pillars of his existence include love and compassion.

His eyes are opened with laughter and grace and his soul remains warm with kindness and friendship.

His existence finds meaning through attachment and dependence, he knows himself through helping and assisting others, and well-wishing is the measure of his human essence.

However, ignoring the human nature has caused anger to replace kindness, enmity to outdo friendship, hands meant for help and assistance to be used for annihilation, affection to be sacrificed for hatred and grudge, and in short, humans, big and small, young and old, man and woman, to be killed at all corners of the earth as a result of the “crisis in human nature.”

Reference: Navidnia, Manijeh (2016), Suicide Attacks: A Crisis in Human Nature

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