Why the world is faced with wave of violence?

Violence occurs by various reasons, but the most obvious reason of increased violence, conflict between nations or ethnic and religious groups is “lack of production”.

We don’t have production of shared experience, production of shared life, production of daily life relationships.

 We don’t have any celebrations or parties that bring together different nations.

We don’t have any ceremony that brought together various religious groups.

 We don’t have any particular association that brings together various ethnic groups.

 In short, we don’t have any plan or program that help different groups to experience and feel each other in a face-to-face, direct, real contact.

 There is many of these “don’t”s and much important than that is we don’t care about production.

 What can we expect when intimate societies are not “produced” in world-class for being together, when societies don’t “produce” a structure to integrate various groups, when in organizations, no plans are “produced” to engage different groups?

When you do not have common experience, we can believe every hostile stories towards each other.

 When there is no direct relationship between us, any difference can be an excuse or reason to resent each other and having violence.

 But when we have feel each other in different environments, we don’t accept any judgment or behavior against each other.

So we can say violence has increased in the world because we’ve become away from each other every day and do not have direct experience to each other.

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