The analysis of the Relation between the Societal Security and Vocational Structure

Today occupation has occupied many aspects of the human life, and for the same reason, the social life has assigned itself to the individual engagements.

Therefore, the study of the vocational constitution as the agent connecting the individuals to the society is not possible with the mere study of the micro and macro level variables and it demands the attention to the variables of medium variables as well.

The current study emphasizes on the societal security as a medium-level variable and studies the impacts on the specifications of the vocational structure.

Therefore, it contrives to estimate the societal security concept, enjoyment rate of people from three societal security dimensions, i.e. intellectual, emotional, and ethical security, and analyze their vocational attributes considering the increase or decrease in vocational motive, encouragement of individuals to innovate, and the scale of self-alienation in performing tasks.

Method: This study is a survey research during which we have interviewed with 420 fathers of families residing in the north and south of Tehran. F-Test was used for analyzing data.

Findings: This study shows that Societal Security has an effective and significant impact on the specifications of the Vocational Structure.

However, the impacts of the societal security dimensions are not the same on every one of the specifications of the Vocational Structure.

In more concise words, intellectual safety mostly influence the innovation in performing assigned tasks, and ethical security has determinative role on the intensity of self-alienation in performing the assigned studies.

Meantime, the emotional safety mostly influences the vocational or working motive.

Key words: Societal Security, Intellectual Security, Emotional Security, Ethical security, Vocational Structure.

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