What is Societal Security?

Security is the trust and certainty that results in peace of mind and assurance.

The question is, how this trust and certainty can be achieved in today’s disturbed world?

 Security field has suggested that with the release from difficulties, hardships, threats and harms, it is possible to eliminate anxiety and fear and to reach to trust. But, is this relief really feasible?

Is it possible to get rid of the dangers and difficulties?

Security-makers believe that risk-free conditions can be reached just via militarism. But insecurities in the world, especially terrorist acts, are challenging release and riddance every day and are exposing deficits of security program.

In fact, from another viewpoint, insecurities with their unpleasant and painful impacts, are challenging security to find a solution and to control the life with new methods and measures.

To do this, checking the security mechanism should be put on the agenda to make a ground to initiate modern securitization.

In this regard, Societal Security with its unique semantic field, can be leading in rethinking and make a path for initiators.

What is Societal Security?

In a very simple definition it means that “community” gives security, it means “being with others” is security.

It was said simply to be very clear and explicit, but it seems that this simple way of expression didn’t demystify and didn’t result in clarification.

This is one of common misconceptions in today’s life that people think every simple word must be understandable.

So clear like that, a big mistake has occurred in securitization: that security can be provided with government and military agencies and forces.

Although in many cases it is not so! Mother’s warm hug, loving smile of a friend, sympathy during separation, consult in difficulties and many other examples have still no alternatives and equivalents in any organization or institution.

The trust and certainty that is obtained from these connections, attachments, friendships and affections, leaves no room for any concerns and fears.

 In fact, people “by relying on each other” can be protected from threats.

So, Societal Security is to guarantee the life by connections of love, affection and support between the friends and the strangers, nations, ethnicities, the young and the old, anywhere on earth and these connections will melt any hatred in itself.

Societal Security means the assurance that guarantees emotional attachments.

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