Security; Action or interaction

Behavior done symbolically is called action, i.e. it has specific meaning for acting subject and actor.

 While action is unilateral behavior and acting subject’s intention is considered, object of action’s reaction and the amount of his/her perception from symbolic behavior is not considered.

 For example, when a mother sees her child approaches fire, she removes her child from fire without any description and explanation.

 But mutual action is bilateral behavior which is not possible without the existence of counterpart like marriage and divorce.

 interaction is done symbolically and the two sides need interpretation and analysis for understanding each other’s behavior.

 Concerning action and different types of it Max Weber, Zimel, Parto and authorities of micro schools for example symbolic mutual action have explained it in detail that we refer readers to their opinions.

Because we don’t want to examine and criticize opinions about action and mutual action, only we want to examine other side of security by means of these opinions.

In literature of security, security is considered as an action.

Purpose of security, means of securitization, source of security and in a word all decisions, management of programs and instructions, regulation of behavioral patterns, determination of security manners are done by governmental administrators and executors or by those that statesmen have appointed.

The meaning of unilateral securitization is not ignorance of different approaches of securitization and engagement of many governmental and non-governmental organizations.

 But it means homogeneity of all related organizations about providing security. The means of securitization never considered by addresses of security who are people of society and statesmen adopt any mechanism on the basis of their opinion and perform it.

 It is decided that they go to war to protect country’s borders, to prevent interior war opponents are sent to jail, for national interests most part of information is banned and censorship is exercised, for country’s policy many ethnical and religious ceremonies are banned, some nationalities reside in specific cities and matters such as this.

All of these things are done under the banner of security with optimistic view; the intention is not the preservation of governmental interests and country’s interests are considered.

The greatest flaw of it that makes people disgust from security is that it doesn’t consider addressee, satisfaction and dissatisfaction of citizens are not considered and acting subject does whatever he/she thinks and intends.

While most of the time the addresses of security are not in line with actors of securitization and they consider another way for securitization, if we accept that the addresses of security are unanimous in detecting danger, assigning criminal and responsibilities of executive organizations.

Some times which is not rare in the history of each country, there is disagreement about these things and the recognition of statesmen is not in line with that of citizens.

 It is not without reason that citizens fear from security forces and they are not consider them as part of themselves.

Because security forces practice on the basis of their own mechanism and ignore addresses, most of the time this ignorance leads to different losses and detriments such as mental and spiritual to people.

 One-way view point and one-way viewer of securitization process are rooted in political view to security.

 Because they consider security as a commodity that its production and determination the quality of its programs and strategies are done by security authorities and people are only users of it.

 Administrators of security are considered competent authorities for determining security measures and operations, all big and small units of the country should follow and obey.

While security should be considered as mutual action, bilateral behavior that has been modified regularly on the basis of the two parties’ interpretation and it is executed by preserving two parties’ interests and respecting their tastes.

Today, administrators of securitization decide on the basis of experts’ view for these matters: increasing the fine price and police patrols in streets, using military maneuver, etc.

They do all of these things without considering reactions, views, suggestions and approaches of the other side i.e. users of security, they don’t consider their view, taste and belief before executing programs of securitization.

Proof and yardstick for success or unsuccessful of security programs are degree of addressees’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction, this happens when system of security is on the basis of mutual action. In negative security many confrontations are performed and de-danger is done, it is not considered securitization, because it does not contain addressee’s consent and security forces seemed like strong dignity that they do whatever they like.

Security system on the basis of mutual action by considering addressee not only decreases the prices of resistance, but also leads to people’s consent and seeks for their assistance and cooperation.

Addressees’ view should be considered and questioned in the type of securitization programs, in the detection of dangers and threats, in the manner of encounter and confrontation, in using means and appliances of struggle, in watchful and supportive methods, in measures of comfortable and in all process of securitization and after creating convergence, security process should be performed to gain the minimum price and maximum success. Otherwise, security changes to a thing that politicians perform i.e.

Security does not guarantee the comfort and convenience of people, security is not guarantee of support and protection to reach inviolability, security is not the acquisition of definiteness and certainty in life’s affairs.

What helps this bilateral process and expels security from the horrible figure of power and force and makes it flexible, changes security forces to supporters and guardians of life and protectors of people’s purpose, replaces attentive means by force tools, guarantees inviolability by backing, prepares comfort by ensuring, is this matter that security has been focused as human reality.           

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