Supra-Security and Intra- Security Fields Regarding Internal Security

In this article after conceptual assessing of domestic security terms, the position of domestic security was specified toward national security and foreign security as meta-security domains, and the influence of foreign security goals on domestic security plans was expressed.

Domestic security was considered as an independent and distinct domain in positive discourse, and the necessity of considering the domestic security for realizing national security was verified in negative discourse.

The relation between domestic security and liberal and totalitarian governments showed the disjunction of domestic security goals in these governments.

In this regard the legalize of private domain in domestic security plan of liberal states was analyzed with public or governmental domain, and the absence of any clear distinction between private domain and public domain was revealed, as well as the lose of private domain claims in domestic security plans of totalitarian states in favour of governmental domain.

State security, public security, and human security were evaluated as three sub-security domains or three domestic security subsets.

State security coordinated with plans and goals of foreign security defends the governmental positions and responds to government enemies in the state.

Public security or citizen safety combined with police works and finally, human security set together with government’s security plans by social security, educational and occupational institutions.

Key words: national security, domestic security, foreign security, state security, public security, citizen safety, human security

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